TRIP Scholar Identification


Thank you for considering joining our core of campus Translational Scholars. Below we ask several questions that will help us tell others about your work in the most accurate and effective ways.

To refresh your memory, we consider Translational Research to mean the following:

  • Translational Research is interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary
  • This kind of research targets the goal of making a difference in people's lives
  • Translational research takes knowledge generated from scientific inquiry or humanistic scholarship and transforms that knowledge into practices and solutions

We see 3 approaches to Translational Research:

  1. Translational research is characterized by researchers/scholars who both generate knowledge and utilize the evidence to develop meaningful practices that address problems or issues in everyday life.
  2. Translational research is characterized by knowledge generating researchers/scholars who collaborate or form partnerships with knowledge utilizers to successfully translate the researcher's evidence into meaningful practices.
  3. Translational research is characterized by scholars specializing in knowledge utilization who translate evidence generated by others into practices.

As you fill in this information, please note that we can do our best job in promoting your work if the information is complete. We may use your information as an example of the IUPUI translational scholars on the IUPUI and IU campuses as well as in the Indiana community and outside of Indiana. Filling out the information consents to this type of usage on our websites and in print or media releases of your work. We may also invite you to present your work publicly to businesses or the community and on campus, but you may decline any of these offers to promote your work.

We are primarily interested in the IUPUI faculty. However, we do ask you to identify graduate students you may be working with on any translational research projects.

Thank you for this opportunity.


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