Scholar Info

Sarah Wiehe

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Pediatrics, IUSM Public Health, IUSM Department of Geography, Liberal Arts Center for Urban Health (Signature Center) Center for Health Geography (Signature Center) Regenstrief Institute


Dynamic context and adolescent health-risk

I am generating data and knowledge of context of adolescent health-risk using mixed-methods techniques and interdisciplinary collaborations. Using these data, I plan to tailor interventions to better target adolescents in a space- and time-specific manner. Possibilities include using background, geo-fencing applications (i.e., peer-developed text message sent when an adolescent enters a “risky” area during a “risky” time) and user-initiated, geo-aware applications (i.e., a menu of nearby, alternative activities available at the time the adolescent opens the application). In addition, this information may help to better direct public health dollars to venues or areas where risk behaviors are occurring or specific locations where certain at-risk populations are known to spend significant amounts of time.


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