Scholar Info

Marquita Walker

Assistant Professor

Labor Studies Program


The Broken Promise of Trade Adjustment Assistance:

Indiana, which has experienced significant job loss in the last decade, is the ideal location to initiate an examination into the effectiveness of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). This qualitative research plan will examine how dislocated workers in one unionized plant in central Indiana access and participate in TAA programs/services through the use of a survey instrument which identifies worker's participation in services provided by the TAA, factors likely to affect workers' participation of services such as age, gender, education, tenure in previous job, pre-layoff wage, site, and time since layoff, and triangulation through focus group interviews which explore rich detail about worker's perceived satisfaction with received services. This exploration and analysis will provide useful information to labor educators, policymakers, and the business community in creating new or altering current mechanisms for assisting dislocated workers' reintegration into nation's labor force.


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