Scholar Info

Janice Blum

Professor of Medicine

Microbiology and Immunology


Harnessing Human Immunity to Improve Health

Dr. Blum’s research is focused on human immunology, with studies of new approaches to regulate autoimmune disorders such as arthritis and juvenile diabetes, and efforts to develop novel vaccines and therapies for infectious diseases and cancer. Knowledge gained by Dr. Blum’s laboratory group about the basic function of the immune system, has also yielded important information about human diseases of immune dysfunction or immunodeficiencies including diseases such as Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome and Danon disease. Findings by Dr. Blum’s laboratory group and her collaborators are based upon laboratory studies. This work is highly collaborative involving collaborating investigators from disciplines such as immunology, virology, infectious disease, cancer biology, endocrinology, pediatrics, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and clinicians. The overall focus of Dr. Blum’s studies are to improve the quality of human life and to alleviate suffering from disease.


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