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Connie Justice

Clinical Assisstant Professor


Living Lab, Translating Exp

Evidence-Based and Goal Oriented: The Living Lab for CIT was created out of the need to provide a business environment for students to give them a taste of a “real” IT experience. The Living Lab mimics a “real” IT environment where students are responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of three teaching laboratories as well as a server room. The Living Lab provides real world experience in IT to students by having them support portions of the academic computing infrastructure for various University departments. Currently, students support nine servers providing a variety of services for the CIT program, non-profits, and small businesses. The mission of the Living Lab is to provide an experiential and service IT learning environment for students at IUPUI. By presenting students with a real production IT environment the students will be able to contribute to their place of work immediately upon graduation. Students will solve IT problems with little or no supervision while meeting the business standards of managing, documenting and reporting their work in a timely manner with weekly status reports. No experience in a production environment is required.


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