End of Year Report 2022

New projects, discoveries, and creations by IUPUI faculty, students, and community partners are highlighted in the 2022 IUPUI Center for Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) annual report.

The 2022 Bantz-Petronio Translating Research Into Practice Faculty Award recipient is Todd Skaar, PhD. Dr. Skaar, an internationally recognized leader in the field of pharmacogenomics, received this award in recognition of his groundbreaking research and his dedication to mentoring the next generation of translational scholars. Dr. Skaar is a professor of medicine in the IU School of Medicine and a co-leader at the Cancer Prevention and Control & Symptom Science Program of the Indiana University Melvin & Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. He also currently serves as the interim chief of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, an internationally recognized division of expert investigators in drug therapies.

Dr. Todd Skaar and his co-researchers, Dr. Michael T. Eadon, Dr. Emma Tillman, and Dr. Ebony Shah-Williams, briefly discuss what pharmacogenomics is and how it helps people live healthier lives while taking prescribed medications. "Genomic Medicine: Translating Genetic Discoveries into Clinical Care"


In 2022, the IUPUI Center for Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) hosted 14 events both virtually and in-person. These events included the Scholar of the Month event that provides a virutal opportunity for TRIP Faculty Scholars to share their research with the community and engage in thoughtful dialogue. In addition to these monthly events, the IUPUI Center for TRIP hosted its annual Keynote event featuring Indiana University President Pamela Whitten and the Annual Fall Showcase and Awards Program. 629 people attended these events.  View a full list of the events and watch recordings.

- Reviews from Attendees -

"I hope most events will continue to be virtual or hybrid. This allows for more flexbility and accessibility. I am very grateful to attend."

"I was quite satisfied with the event; it was well-staged, and the webinar platform worked smoothly."

"Nouri and Stephan do a great job! Feel so lucky to have found out about this center and look forward to ways that my center might be able to partner."

"This was my first time attending a Center for TRIP event. I enjoyed the communication leading up to the event and all the details given prior to joining."

"The event exceeded my expectations and I liked all the elements."

"I enjoyed the personal reflections that were shared and the less formal and more engaging presentation style. I appreciated that the speaker didn't read off of the slides."

IUPUI ScholarWorks 

IUPUI ScholarWorks is an institutional digital repository that provides free access to scholarly communication such as articles, posters, reports, theses, educational materials and historical documents submitted by members of the IUPUI campus. 

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ScholarWorks 2022 Data

IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus Nasser H. Paydar was confirmed as assistant secretary for postsecondary education by the U.S. Senate on Aug. 5, 2022 in Washington, D.C. In this role, Paydar will work under U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to advance the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to make higher education in the United States more inclusive, equitable and affordable.

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IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus Nasser Paydar

IU Day 2022

Thanks to the generous efforts of our TRIP Community, the IUPUI Center for Translating Research Into Practice successfully raised $1,400 for the Bantz Community Fellowship Fund. 

End of Year Report 2021

It is our pleasure to share with you the inaugural IUPUI Center for TRIP Annual Report. This online report highlights some of the many accomplishments of the TRIP Scholars and the IUPUI Center for TRIP. These successes are very impressive despite the circumstances (i.e. COVID-19 pandemic). The information in this report proudly showcases the talent, dedication, passion, collaboration, and expertise of IUPUI faculty, staff, students, and community partners. Thank you for taking a moment to review this report and show your support.

The 2021 Bantz-Petronio Translating Research into Practice Faculty Award recipient is Dr. Gerardo Maupome, an IUPUI TRIP Scholar with extensive expertise in public health and community-based translational research. Dr. Maupome is the Associate Dean of Research in the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. Additionally, Dr. Maupome has conducted high impact interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research that has generated new knowledge and positively influenced the health of Indiana residents and beyond.

Dr. Gerardo Maupome briefly discusses his translational research that deals with examining the peer networks, health behaviors, and healthcare seeking behaviors among Hispanics.

Virtual Events

In January 2021, the IUPUI Center for Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) launched its monthly virtual conversation series. Each month, IUPUI Center for TRIP provides an opportunity for TRIP Scholars to present their translational research to a virtual audience during a 60-minute lunchtime Zoom session. Each session is interactive with opportunity at the end for attendees to ask the presenters questions and engage in thoughtful dialogue. Continuing Eduction Units (CEU) are also offered to attendees. The TRIP Conversation Series is facilitated by Stephan Viehweg, the Associate Director of the IUPUI Center for TRIP. 

In addition to these monthly events, the IUPUI Center for TRIP hosted its annual Keynote event featuring Dean Bernadette Melnyk from Ohio State University, the Charles R. Bantz Chancellor's Community Dialogue, and the annual Fall Showcase. This year, over 500 people attended these virtual events. View a full list of the events and watch recordings.

- Reviews from Attendees -

"I appreciated how skillfully the Zoom call was handled: opportunity to check my computer connection prior to the event, option to join via camera or just by mic, totally professional start to finish...and friendly!"

"The speaker was excellent - provided an engaging presentation in the time allotted."

"I deeply appreciate community engaged research and the faculty/community partners."

"Thank you for continued support of IUPUI scholars and their research!"

IUPUI ScholarWorks 

IUPUI ScholarWorks is an institutional digital repository that provides free access to scholarly communication such as articles, posters, reports, theses, educational materials and historical documents submitted by members of the IUPUI campus. 

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TRIP Scholar Accomplishments 

Professor Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow received the Indiana University Bicentennial Medal. She serves on the IUPUI Chancellor's Board of Advisors, IUPUI Student Affairs Committee, is an IU Bicentennial Professor, and was named to the Alliance of Distinguished and Titled Professors. She is a recipient of the Samuel S. Dargan Award from the IU Mauer School of Law's Black Law Student Association and the Schuyler F. Otteson Award for Teach ing Excellence and Evening MBA Teaching Award from the Kelley School of Business. Professor Westerhaus-Renfrow is also a regular columnist for the Indianapolis Business Journal. She is a popular speaker in the community on topics of grit, perseverance, negotiation, and cultural intelligence. She has also served on boards for Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, Diversity Roundtable of Central Indiana, Indianapolis Charter Schools, Indiana State Bar Examiners, One Indy, and the Indiana State Bar Association. And, she serves on the IU School of Nursing-Bloomington's Advisory Board.  

Professor Gabriel Filippelli, Chancellor's Professor, received a Fulbright Foreign Award to Australia for the 2021-2022 academic year. Professor Filippelli is also the Director of the Center for Urban Health and the Executive Director of Indiana University's Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI). This year under Professor Filippelli's direction, ERI received Indiana's most prestigious environmental award for its work in helping communities prepare for climate change.  Professor Filippelli was also named a "Prominent Indivdual" in the Supporters of the Eneregy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. And, Professor Filippelli is collaborating with local Indianapolis faith based organizations in African American communities to provide residents with the resources and information to test for lead levels in their residential water.

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