Translational Scholars

The IUPUI faculty is invited to submit their translational research to the IUPUI TRIP database. At IUPUI, we consider translational research to mean the following:

  • Translational research is interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary
  • This kind of research targets the goal of making a difference in people’s lives
  • Translational research takes knowledge generated from scientific inquiry or humanistic scholarship and transforms that knowledge into practices and solutions

To submit your example of translational research, Identify Yourself as a Translational Scholar You will need your IUPUI CAS login to access the online data submission form.

To see examples of translational research on the IUPUI campus, check out our Featured Translational Scholars. IUPUI Translational Scholars are featured in a variety of ways in the many IUPUI TRIP programs. Check back regularly for additional examples of translational research at IUPUI.


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